63 Freebies — Check Out 63 Freebies

63 Freebies — Check Out 63 Freebies

I love that title. 63 freebies sound like a number you can’t disregard. You simply have to pay attention to it because if nothing else it has gravitational pull.

Einstein may disagree with me but we will save that debate for later. I did not make up the 63 freebies. The Kiplinger newsletter published an article by that almost exact same title. I liked the 63 freebies part so that is all I used.

The website with these 63 freebies is:


If you decide to visit them, you will see a slide show just as they say in the above web address. How long they will keep this article on that site or in their archives is obviously up to them. I would imagine though it will stay up for quite a while.

I am not affiliated with Kiplinger in any way, shape or form. I don’t make any money telling you about this website nor do I want any money. I was pretty impressed by what they found for free so I thought I’d pass it on.

Just the freebies being given away in birthday months make this article worth a read. It is my personal belief that spreading the word about 63 freebies, 45 freebies or whatever number of freebies is a good thing.

Something this minor in comparison to all of the world’s travails could brighten up someone’s not so good day. That is pleasant and worth reporting.

Who knows, maybe somebody will write me and tell me of other worthwhile freebies and I’ll write another freebie article. Maybe we should make this a contest.

Whoever finds more than 63 freebies that are as worthwhile as the ones Kiplinger listed will win a prize. I haven’t given any thought to the prize but if people pick up the ball, I’ll come up with one.

I know stuff like this has been around the horn before but given all of the changes in technology and every day useful items we as a group are bound to find, maybe not 63 freebies, but a good number of the darned critters.

I am not making any promises because I have no idea if people are even interested in this kind of a poker run or game or whatever you want to call it. I have five things I’ve found but five is far short of Kiplinger’s 63 freebies.

Of course they have a complete editorial staff and all I have is one little ole me to do all of the hunting. But, I did find five and I bet I can find at least five more.

The more I write the more excited I am getting. Before long I may be the only contestant. That means by default I win any prize I decide to give myself.

OK, it is your turn. Go on a scavenger hunt and let’s see what we collectively discover. I’d like to have an article that is over a thousand words and most of those thousand words are listed freebies. That would top 63 freebies.

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