Online Surveys – Are They For Real?

Online Surveys – Are They For Real?

We’ve all seen those ads on the side of the page that say something like “make $50 an hour taking surveys”. Are online surveys for real? That is the question.

My research tells me only about one in ten online surveys are for real. Some of them even have sign-up fees. Those are the one you avoid like the plague.

I clicked on one ad to see how they were hawking their online surveys scheme. Much to my surprise and right in front of my eyes was the following statement (I edited it down for brevity):

“Blank Research is a free service that provides people with a means to be rewarded for giving opinions in online surveys. It is not a get-rich quick scheme or even a realistic part-time job”.

I was shocked to see an online survey actually admit it is not even a REALISTIC part-time job. Almost every other survey touts their survey site as the next best thing to having a full time job.

This company went on to say:

“We connect market research companies with honest survey-takers by offering a means for users to be paid cash for the opinions that marketers seek.”

This is basically how all online surveys function. However with some of them the only honest game players are the survey-takers. The company is a sham. Again, that is according to me and I am NOT painting the entire online surveys industry with a tar brush. I am only writing what I have experienced.

Survey companies pay you in one of two ways for taking online surveys. You either receive cash once you request a payout or they pay you in points. The points are redeemable for merchandise or gift certificates or pre-paid credit cards.

Usually the cash payment is via an online payment company or a check mailed to your home address. Mailed checks usually take ten to fifteen days to reach you from the time you request a payout.

Gift cards can take up to a month since the card is originated at another site and it must be mailed. Sometimes it takes longer and sometimes the wait is shorter. In either event, you have no choice but to wait for it to arrive.

Believe it or not you have to qualify to take most surveys. The company wanting the survey results will ask for a specific audience. The easiest example is a cosmetics company.

They usually want females. Depending on the product it could be only female teens or it could be baby boomer women. Obviously if you are male you are ineligible to participate.

Another example might be sporting goods companies. Chances are they want only male participants but since women also buy sporting goods products it could be a woman only survey. On the other hand, it may be a universal sporting goods product so both male and female participants are wanted.

As with cosmetics, there may be a specific age group they want. They may want to know if men between the age of 25 and 45 are interested in their latest whiz bang good.

The surveys change each day, so the best strategy is to come back each day and see what is available. A good survey company will have plenty of surveys from which to choose.

Generally speaking you never have to purchase anything to participate in surveys. An online survey company may also have free trials. Again no purchase required.

A purchase requirement may come into play to earn a set number of points over and above those paid for a particular survey. For example, the survey you just took pays 500 points but to get a $100 Visa Card you need 1500 points.

The survey company may say if you buy such and such you will get 1000 points. You now have the 1500 points required to receive the Visa Card. You are not forced to buy anything. You can wait until you amass the remaining points.

The question remains, online surveys, are they for real? The answer is yes but not in all cases. Read everything on the site’s website before you get involved. Remember, it is like they said above this isn’t even a realistic part-time job.

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